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The Trehaus Hope Project

Raising a generation of change makers who will make a positive difference in the world is at the core of Trehaus’ mission.

This COVID crisis has been a difficult time for our company and many of us individually.  However , we believe in living out the values we instill in our Trehaus kids- gratefulness, social awareness and responsibility and caring for others.


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We know that even as times are challenging for us, there are others in society whom are suffering even more.

One set of people is the migrant worker community in Singapore, who have been hit badly by the coronavirus outbreak.  These are people who have left their homes to seek work and whose hardworking labour and contributions to Singapore have made our home what it is today, yet have often been marginalised.

Love and Data in a Care Pack

As a small way to show our love, the Trehaus team launched a project with a plan to send 400 care packs to migrant workers in factory-converted dormitories. 

These included masks, dates (which are traditionally eaten in Bangladesh to break fast in Ramadan), biscuits, milo/coffee/tea, a handwritten encouragement card and most importantly, data SIM cards.  

We wanted to bless them with these to meet their emotional as well as physical needs , as these workers are quarantined in newly-converted dormitories with no wifi, and are worried and anxious but unable to call family. With nothing to do alone between four walls all day, and unable to contact loved ones, they are at risk of falling into despair.

Love is All Around

It was so inspiring to see the collective goodwill of so many people involved.

Trehaus staff stepping forward with anonymous donations, heartfelt messages and pictures from the Trehaus schoolchildren, Trehaus members offering contributions.

And through word of mouth, volunteers and donations streamed in to support the project too – SIM card donations from Covid-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC), dates and snacks donated by Creatives for Aid (CFA) and Migrant Matters, handwritten encouragement cards from Solomon’s Porch church, discounted rates for data SIM cards from Singtel, and donations from many other individuals.


Love through Feeding the Hungry

We delivered these care packs through Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO), a member of the Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA), who are doing amazing work showing love to the migrant worker community. 


But this small project opened our eyes to the immense needs to be met to support this community.  To start with, while the 300,000 or so workers housed in government-run dorms are well cared and provided for, over 100,000 workers are under their private employers’ care, and tens of thousands have not even been provided with the most basic needs while under quarantine. AGWO is delivering two meals a day to 10,000 migrant workers whose employers are unable to support them, and have been left without food while on lockdown. They have enough funding to feed the workers till end of June but with no end in sight in the dormitory outbreak, the needs are mounting. 

There’s an article about the initative here: 


Please also check out this video which shows our Trehaus co-founder Elaine’s visit to the dorms and meeting with Pastor Samuel Stephen, the inspiring man behind the AGWO initiative: 



Love through Feeding the Hungry
Love in and after the time of Coronavirus

Trehaus is committed to continuing support for the efforts of AGWO, including by continuing to raise funds to distribute data SIM cards to workers quarantined in private dorms with no access to data or WIFI.  To date, we have distributed over 1000 $10 top up data cards.

We will also donate 50% of proceeds from the downloads of the 2020 TLC card benefits app (www.trehaus.co/card) to AGWO. (The TLC card is a ground-up initiative to support homegrown local businesses , by creating a platform for curated partner brands catering to discerning modern families, to offer meaningful 1-for-1 or 50% off rewards to members/cardholders.)

Please reach out to us at trehaus.co/contact-us/  if you are interested in supporting the Trehaus Hope Project!  And please make a donation at www.hia.sg/guestworkers if u have a heart to support AGWO’s meals programme.

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