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Events at Trehaus

It’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the thought of hosting a well-planned, beautiful event. But we make it a breeze, hosting everything from corporate events like seminars , product launches and team-building days , to cosy talks and workshops, to kids’ parties and baby showers.

There’s a venue for every occasion, from a cosy 12 seater meeting room to an event hall that accommodates up to 200 people. And our events team can help manage you every need, from conceptualisation to execution, handling venue styling, catering and everything in between.

Simply choose from our selection of venue, event planning and catering options, and you’re all set!

Types of Events


Event Planning Step by Step Guide

STEP 1: Venue Rental

Choose your venue

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STEP 2: Event Planning

Customise your party with our event planning services.

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STEP 3: Catering

Choose from the menu

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