For the Working Parent - Trehaus
Trehaus Business Club For the Working Parent
Whether it’s a desk you can plug into a few times a week, or a space to call home, you never have to choose between work and family in our modern village.

Trehaus Business Club was created for working parents who want a SUCCESSFUL CAREER, while also PRIORITISING FAMILY. We are the first flexible workspace in Singapore with an adjacent creche run by loving and nurturing caregivers, so you can work in peace with your baby in good hands just steps away from you. And once the baby is ready for preschool, a wonderful education awaits them at Trehaus School right next door.​

Choose the Perfect Plan for your needs
Find a plan that fits your needs: whether a 10 day a month plan for flexibility, or an unlimited membership that you can use any time, all the time. And choose between "Free-range" for access to different spots to suit your mood, or "all yours" for a dedicated desk to call your own.
“Free Range”

Access our “commons”, a shared area. BYO devices, roam freely, pick a spot that speaks to you. Sit down, plug in, switch on, and get to work. Return the next day. Repeat.

  • Guaranteed hotdesking space
  • Discounted rates to shared mail services and facilities
  • 2x Meeting Room booking credits
“All Yours”

Pick a spot, rent the desk, and it’s all yours. Along with storage space and decorating rights. Mark your spot with a personalized mug. Leave things overnight. Return to “your usual spot” every day.

  • Your own desk at your chosen spot
  • Your own storage space
  • Your own chair
  • Shared mail services and facilities
  • 5x Meeting Room booking credits