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Trehaus Business Club For Corporates
“Now working professionals in SMEs and MNCs can enjoy work-life balance too.”
A truly innovative and cost-effective solution for forward-thinking companies to provide greater flexibility and family-friendly benefits for their employees
Created for the forward-thinking company of the future, which cares about inclusion, diversity, work-life integration and family-friendly benefits for your employees – become a company that the next generation workforce wants to be part of.


Contingency Childcare Arrangements

 Against employees having to take childcare leave or no pay leave in the event of contingencies, we provide a space to take care of the child in our creche while employees enjoy a peace of mind working out of our business club in close proximity



Minimize Maternity Leavers

 Against the overwhelming struggles that returning to work mothers face, we provide a space where returning- to-work mothers feel secure and empowered knowing that they do not have to choose between their careers or missing out on the precious formative years of their child



Promote Flexible Work Arrangements

 Against inflexible maternity leave regulations, we provide employers with the option of offering mothers flexible work arrangements during their expectancy period and maternity leave to maximize employee productivity and reduce the anxiety of mothers coming back to work full-time



Save money on office real estate

Against fixed office leases for employees who are on flexible work arrangements and hardly at their desks , we provide a beautiful, fully equipped office space with all business facilities on a corporate membership plan that matches need and usage. 

Trehaus Business Club presents a solution to RETAIN TALENT , ensure HAPPY AND PRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEES and SAVE MONEY

Each corporate membership can be customised to a company’s needs. Choose the number of “work plus creche” desks your company needs.
Each desk entitles:

ONE EMPLOYEE from the organisation to access our business club


ONE CHILD to access our Crèche facility with child-minding service.

At any time
And can be used interchangeably between employees
Choose between hotdesking, dedicated desk and private office options:
“Free Range” Hotdesking

Employees get to use the desks and workspaces in our “commons”, and other shared hotdesking areas.



  • Guaranteed desk space
  • Discounted rates to shared mail services and facilities
  • 2x Meeting Room/ Amenities credits 
“All Yours” Dedicated Desks and Offices

Pick a spot, rent the desk, and it’s all yours. Along with storage space and decorating rights. Mark your spot with a personalised mug. Leave things overnight. Return to “your usual spot” every day.

  • Your own desk at your chosen spot
  • Your own storage space
  • Your own chair
  • Shared mail services and facilities
  • 5x Meeting Room/ Amenities credits
Trehaus Crèche (Nursery/Childminding Space)

Managed by a team of experienced, loving and nurturing childminding professionals, our creche facility takes children of corporate member employees from the ages of 6 months to 6 years. Employees can enjoy a productive day of work, safe in the knowledge that their little ones are in good hands.

New mums can now nurse their babies at work. New dads can pop into the creche between meetings to enjoy precious moments with their baby. And new parents never have to miss that first smile, first word or the first step.

Plans "All Yours" + Crèche "Free Range" + Crèche
Your own workspace
Hot Desk
Crèche Service
Drop-In Childminding Service; Mondays to Fridays 9am to 6pm; Minimum 48 hours notice compulsory CAPPED AT 10 days/child/mth
Drop-In Childminding Service; Mondays to Fridays 9am to 6pm; Minimum 48 hours notice compulsory CAPPED AT 10 days/child/mth
High Speed Wifi
Printer, Scanner, Photocopier access**
Commitment Period
1 year
6 months
Locker Access
Member’s Rate to Trehaus Events
Discount on Trehaus Club Membership

 GST is applicable.
**Charges apply for printing and photocopying services.
***One locker will be provided per plan purchased.
****Complimentary meeting room access hours will depend on number of packages purchased.
Additional hours can be purchased at $15/hour.

Work-life Balance with Trehaus Corporate Membership
  • Corporate members can drop their children off with one of our caring, and friendly childminding facilitators on weekdays
  • Corporate members get to join Trehaus Family Club at a discounted rate