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You see, a place like TREHAUS didn’t exist, so we invented it.

A new generation of parents has been born; a generation that recognises the importance of spending time with their children in their formative years, and desire to be part of a modern reality where true work-life integration has been actualised and having to choose between family and career has become unnecessary.

We created TREHAUS to present our generation, and the generations to come, an ecosystem reimagined to navigate the transformative future. This vision led us to set up an incandescent, inspiring, and innovative space that incubates three modern and complementary offerings:

Specially dedicated to the parent-professionals of today, and the changemakers of tomorrow.
Dr. Elaine Kim
Co-founder and CEO

Elaine Kim is a medical doctor, entrepreneur and mother of 3. Prior to taking the helm at Trehaus, she was the CEO of CRIB, a social enterprise she co-founded to empower women to become successful entrepreneurs. Her experiences inspired her to start Trehaus and provide a solution for other working parents to find work-life integration, pursuing successful careers and businesses while prioritising family and not missing out on their children’s’ precious, formative first years. Elaine continues to practise medicine part-time as a palliative care doctor, looking after terminally-ill patients at St Luke’s Hospital, and remains involved in various charitable causes, especially through the philanthropic arm CRIB Gives Back that she launched as CRIB CEO. She is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and member of Milken YLC. She is married to venture capitalist John Kim of Amasia and they have 3 young children.

Elizabeth Wu
Co-founder and COO

Elizabeth Wu is an educator, entrepreneur and mother of 3. She believes that it takes a village to raise a child and a community that keeps parents sane, and she’s found her tribe in Trehaus, where work-life integration is a reality for working parents like her. Prior to co-founding Trehaus, Elizabeth’s experience in education spanned across all levels from early years enrichment to tertiary. At tertiary level, she taught Project Work, Enterprise, Communications, Critical Thinking and Current Affairs. She is often consulted for curriculum design and development, and lectures on an adjunct basis at educational institutions. In her free time, Elizabeth writes on a regular basis on the topic of parenting and has been featured in various platforms. She is also a parenting coach certified by Gordon Training International and trains parents in effective communication & conflict resolution with their children.

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Helen Rozario
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